Once upon a time there were three brothers who lived in a lonely house in a very lonely part of Neverland.
An old woman used to do the cooking, and there was no one else, unless we count her cat, within miles of them.

She slowly lifted up her head and peered outside through the frosted window.
Wrinkled eyes gazed into the bright sky, and a smile came over the old woman’s face when she saw the full moon, shining away in all it’s harvest glory, a perfect background setting for All Hallow’s Eve.

A loud purring reached her ears as her black cat leaped up on the table next to the rocking chair she was sitting in.

"Yes, my sweets. Isn’t that a pretty night we have in store for us? Old man moon looks down on us with a blink in his eye tonight." She said.

The cat stared at her with deep yellow eyes, attention fixed on every word.

"You know what this night means, don’t you, Trickster?" The cat let out a soft meow, listening to his master.

A beam of moonlight suddenly shot through the window full on Trickster, and in a flash, in place of the cat, a tall young man dressed all in black, with dark hair and large strange yellow eyes, stood leaning against the table. "Old woman" he said. Tonight is your night.

Lightning split the night sky without a sound, illuminating the skeletal trees outside. The old wooden house shook to its very foundations once the sound of thunder rumbled hatefully across the sky, but she did not hear it from the pounding in her chest as she looked upon the love of her life.....Dracula.

Oh My. Is that really you Dracula! How long has it been since I have seen you? Just then a strand noise came from the corner of the house. Leaning against the table the old women.

My my what have here!

It sound like three of your blood brother coming early to the monster bash....but we must not let them know that I'm here. Meanwhile downstairs the three brother were gathering together to brainstorm for ideas to keep this story going.....but they were stumped as how to proceed.

Albert, Stephan and George stamped their feet angrily when they didn't see the old woman standing at the stove cooking their dinner as she usually would be at this time of night.

"Where the hell is she?" Shouted George.

"Why isn't out dinner ready?" Stephan complained, "I'm so hungry I could eat a cat".

Albert ran his long twig-like fingers through his greasy hair and said: If I don't get something to eat pretty soon, I'm going to have to go out and suck some blood. I've heard of a place called PII that's got lot's of really good necks to bit. I bet one could really get a good meal there.

However just then a magical beam of brilliant light shown through the window and it was a fairy who with all her magical powers could do anything to any one of them that she wanted to do and just then she tripped and fell , her magic wand splintering into a dozen pieces.Oh my she lamented,now I wont be able to perform the magic that I was hoping to do. Oh what will I do to save the day. Just then she remembered she had in her magic bag a special book that was full of spells. Ah she thought now I can find a way to remedy this situation. She pulled out the book and after a bit of time she found just the right spell that she could perform. She then started to murmur the incantations and rituals that were necessary.

This is what she did after she muttered the spells to herself she turned around three time, widershains, and said.. Now, you three eat and be quiet, there is a nice bloody steak for you, I need to find the cat.. rrr.. uh.. Dracula, so he can make this an omelet.

The time was ticking by but no one seemed to notice. All of a sudden the morning sun sprang brightly over the horizon and shone into the house... and everyone turned to stare at the sun. It was the day after Halloween! In the bat of an eye, they blinked and looked at one another and realized... it was all a dream.
or... was it????

The end



Thanks to the contributors from PhotoImpact International to wrote this story together.

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BearMistress (Virginia), Bayeus (Sheryl), apettersen (Allie), Marcie2002 (Marcie), mot c (Tom), Acadies (Norma),
family2dyl (Debbie), paddiepan (Pat), linmcbee (Lin), and MaryLouW (MaryLou).

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