Santa's Village - Goodbye Street

A Special thanks to Barry for allowing us to build upon his village and to all the participants in the Objects R'Us Forum, Scrapbooking Forum and Paint Forum for their contributions of the buildings, decorations, snow people and backgrounds. A very special thanks to Acadie for all her hard work helping to decorate the village and for keeping things organized.
Santa's Helpers were contributed by Rosalie, Ginny and Acadie.
Objects were contributed by Acadie, Ginny, Hillie, Nanz, Vivian, Chrissie, Cindi, Birgit, MaryLou, Barbara, Bearmistress, Nancy, Cyntha and Barry. (if I have forgotten someone, my apologies and let me know)
Backgrounds were contributed by Acadie, Kaki, MaryLou, Ginny, Teresa and Sparrow.
Buildings contributed are credited to the creators on the Map.
Street Assembly and Web Pages by Sparrow.
Street Decorating by Acadie and Sparrow.
Thank you to all the PIRC Board Members for making PIRC a Special Place Everyday.

and as a Special Surprise for MaryLou... Click on MaryLou