Santa's Village - Pircville North

The Outskirts

Airport Street

Barry's Disco Elf
Kate Wrenns Airport
Ginny's Bed and Breakfast
Busy Street

Tom's Ms. Claus Laundry
Marion's Sleighmans House

Santa Street

Ginny's Gift Wrapping Shop
Dana's Santa's Kitchen

Winter Street

MaryLou's Post Office
Barry's North Pole
Sheryl's Internet Cafe and Gift Shop

Sweet Side
Chocolate Street
Rosalie's Kringle's Chocolates
Rachel's Cocoa Bar

Sweet Street
Dana's Candy Shop
Rachel's Lady Elf's Coffee Cafe
Ginny's Village Cookie Shoppe

GingerCraft Lane
Rosalie's Mrs. Claus Crafts
Acadie's Gingerbread House

Reindeer Row

Reindeer Street South
Cynthia's Reindeer Stable
Tom's Sleigh Repair

Reindeer Street North
Hillary's Saddlery
Acadie's Village Homes

Cupid Street
Birgit's Winter Residence
Acadie's Residence
Teresa's Christmas Residence

Donder Avenue
Mary Ellen's Reindeer House
Tom's Leather Shop

Magic Side
Nutcracker Park
Acadie's Nutcracker Castle
Acadie's North Pole Border

Christmas Street
Barry's Church
Ginny's Park
Snow Blvd.
Ginny's Elf Manor
MaryLou's Mailbox
Acadie's FairyDust Castle

Toy Street
MaryLou's Toy Workshop
Kate's Toy Mart

Mountain Side
Ice blvd.
Tom's 2nd Team
IcePark Lane
Birgit's Skating Rink

North Ice Blvd.
Acadie's Willie's Igloo
Franks's Santa Lookout
Nanz Frosty Abode

Fantasy Row
Elf Street
Paula's Santa's Workshop
MaryLou's Pircville Elf School
Frosty Street
Acadie's Ice Castle
Paula's Carousel
Secret Lane
Nanz Residence
Barry's Village Post Office
Mark's Santa's Fishing Shack
Kringle Street
Susan's Residence
Birgit's Santa GiftShop

Goodbye Street