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White tigers are individual specimens of the ordinary tiger, with a genetic condition that causes paler colouration of the normally orange fur (they still have black stripes). The condition is well-documented in the Bengal Tiger subspecies, may also have occurred in captive Siberian Tigers, and may have been reported historically in several other subspecies. White pelage is most closely associated with the Bengal, or Indian subspecies.

The white individuals do not constitute a separate subspecies on their own. They have pink noses, white to cream-coloured fur, and black, grey or chocolate-coloured stripes, grey mottled skin, and ice blue eyes. White tigers tend to be born larger and attain larger than average adult sizes than orange tigers which do not carry the white gene. This may have given them an advantage in the wild. White gene carriers, or heterozygotes, also tend to be larger than average in size.  Another genetic condition makes the stripes of the tiger very pale. White tigers with this condition are called snow-white.

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